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Basic Hands

The Only Chance
Mirror, Mirror
Seeing Spots
Give and Take
Hope Springs Eternal
Counting It Out
An Even Break
A Considered Duck
Helpful Defense
Taking a Chance
Taking Care
Safer Than Sorry
Worth the Effort
The Prize
A Simple Positional Squeeze
A Grand Coup
A Simple Squeeze
Cover an Honor?
A Recovery
Down Three is Good Bridge?
A Nice Endplay
Lucky Break

Intermediate Hands

Freedom of Choice
A Daring Play
Use It or Lose It
A Best Shot
Expert Planning
A Little Too High
Restricted Choice
A Slim Chance
Double Trouble
A Subtle Pinch
Trading Options
Which Finesse?
Take Care What You Ask For...
A Three-suited Squeeze
A Double Whammy
A Familiar Combination
One Chance
An Entry Coup
A Little Help from a Friend
Countless Squeezes
A Shut-up Squeeze
Six or Seven?
An Ace Too Few

Advanced Hands

Wishful Thinking
An Intriguing Trump Squeeze
An Early Squeeze
Another Three-suited Squeeze
A Tactical Squeeze

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