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Nine Card Fit

K 8 4
A K Q 10
5 4 3
8 6 4
9 6 5 3
8 6 4 2
Q J 2
9 7 5 3
9 6
A K 7 5
10 7 2
A K 10 8 7 2
10 9 3
North/South have a good nine-card fit and half the points, but still cannot make any contract.


East/West can take an easy seven tricks off the top - club to queen, spade, club to jack, spade, spade, club club.
North/South can take the first ten tricks in notrump.


East/West can again take the first top seven tricks if on lead, but if North/South have the lead, they can take two diamonds, then four hearts, South pitching spades, and then ruff a spade lead.


On defense, East/West can take the first six tricks as in notrump, and then, on the long club, West has a trump promoted.


If North/South are on lead, they draw trumps and take their diamonds, totalling 10 tricks.
If East/West are on lead, they run their tricks as before, and, on the long club, either South ruff, then he is stuck in his hand and cannot draw trumps before one of East/West gets a ruff. If North ruffs, it promotes a trump trick or two for the defense.


Again, East/West can take the first seven tricks.
North/South defend by taking two diamonds and then four heart tricks, South pitching clubs, then ruffs a club lead.
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