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Use It or Lose It

South Deals
Both Vul
From: OKbridge
Q J 10 8
9 7
A 10
K Q J 9 2
7 5 2
K Q 9 7 4 2
8 6 4
9 4 3
K J 10 5 3
6 3
A 10 5
A K 6
A Q 8 4 2
J 8 5
7 3
South West North East
1 3 Dbl Pass
3 Pass 4 Dbl
All Pass

It would be hard not to double with East's hand, given that partner has made a vulnerable preempt and East has what looks like three tricks in hand.
West led the K, and declarer, Jeff Miller (OldProf on OKbridge,) won the ace in dummy and led the 7, ducked all around. The 9 was then lead, again ducked all around, West pitching a diamond.
Jeff then led a high club off dummy, and East won. East then led a diamond, and ruffed a diamond, leading to:
Q J 10 8
Q J 9
7 5 2
9 7
8 6
9 4 3
10 5
A K 6
A Q 8
East exited a spade, and declarer won in hand, played a club to the queen, ruffed the J, and then ran the spades. East was caught in a coup, forced to ruff in front of declarer's ace-queen. Somehow, with all those beautiful trumps, she managed to only score one of them.
East can score two trump tricks by expending a high trump early. Why? Well, notice that when East got her diamond ruff, she was down to king-jack-ten in trumps, so she was ruffing with one of the high cards, anyway. By covering the 7, she forces South to use a higher trump, and she can ruff the diamond with one of her low trumps.
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