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A Basic Example
A Matter of Timing
A Slow Coup
A Double Strip
A Good 3-3 Fit
New! A So-So 3-3 Fit
A Bad 3-3 Fit
New! Another Bad 3-3 Fit
New! An Ace-less 3-3 fit
New! Another 3-3 Fit
New! A Weak and Strong 3-3 Fit
New! Yet Another 3-3 Fit
A Good Break
Wrong-sided III
A Fairly Weak Suit
A Matchpoint Top
New! A 6-0 Minor Suit Game
New! A 5-1 Minor Game
New! A 4-2 Minor Game


A Basic Slam
Another Basic Slam
New! A Grand Slam
A Variation
Entry Problems
A Basic Squeeze
Wrong-sided II
Morton's Fork
Another Entry Problem
New! Another Squeeze
New! The Thirteenth Trick
New! A 3-3 Slam

Part Scores and Sacrifices

A Simple Example
Trump Madness
An Awful Suit
A 5-Card Fit
What Law?
Another 5-Card Fit

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