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A 6-0 Minor Suit Game

A K 6
10 7 5 4 3
9 8 5 3 2
10 9 7 4 2
10 8 7 3 2
A 7 4
K J 8 6 2
Q 6
K Q J 10 6
Q J 5 3
A Q 9
A K J 9 5 4
The only game that makes is 5 by North/South.
The defense can easily take five clubs against notrump.
In hearts, the defense forces South to ruff clubs, and eventually gets four trump tricks.
In spades, according to my double dummy solver, West can lead any card and still guarantee taking four tricks. I don't have a complete analysis for that case, yet.
In diamonds, declarer will score all six trump tricks, four spades, and a heart.
A club lead is ruffed in South, two top diamonds are taken, and a spade is lead to dummy, and a heart is led, finessing, which West must ruff. If he leads another club, South ruffs and again gets to dummy with a spade and finesses hearts again, forcing West to ruff again. When South ruffs a third club, he can pull West's remaining trumps and score his heart ace and the last two spades.
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