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Hand Evaluation Articles

This is a collection of articles which explore hand evaluation using what was, at the start, a new technique. Due to the revolution in the ability for computers to solve full double-dummy problems, we can generate huge data sets and start to investigate the value of hand shapes and suit holdings in some objective fashion.

I also discuss the reasons to distrust double dummy data, and explain oddities in the data that may surprise you.


Data Files

Raw Data

NT tricks taken, by holding
NT tricks taken, by hand pattern
NT tricks taken, by suit length
Suit tricks taken, by holding
Suit tricks taken, by hand pattern
Suit tricks taken, by suit length

Binky Points Data

New!I recently regenerated the Binky Points values from a bigger set of data. There were only minor difference except for very long suits where I had little data before.

Binky Value of Holdings [old data]
Binky Value of Patterns [old data]

Other Articles

Tysen's TSP Evaluator
Tysen started with two articles on evolving Binky points with the auction, then proposes in this article a 6-4-2-1 variation.
Wikipedia article on hand evaluation
Gordon Bower's Research
Gordon has done some interesting research using double-dummy techniques.


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