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iDeal work halted

iDeal is being temporarily discontinued.

Check out Deal 3.0.

What was iDeal?

The iDeal project was based on the Deal 3.0 source code, but, rather than being a Tcl application, it was a Tcl extension. This meant that all of the functionality of Deal 3.0 could be used in any Tcl/Tk application. Given that Tk allows the scripting of GUIs, one of the goals of iDeal was to create a graphical version of Deal.

One example of the power of this is that I could easily use Tcl's CGI package with iDeal to build my Evaluators demo.

Why was work halted?

I found GUI programming in Tk painful, and keeping Deal and iDeal in sync frustrating.

Another difficulty was actually designing a GUI which had the same power and flexibility as Deal, while being usable by the casual user. Such a GUI would have to be very carefully designed.

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