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Repeated Promotion

A K Q 10
10 9 8 5
Q 3
9 3 2
7 4 2
A K Q 2
10 4
A Q 10 8
J 8 6 5 3
6 4
9 8 7 2
K 6
J 7 3
A K J 6 5
J 7 5 4


Against notrump, North/South have three top spades and five top diamonds, while East/West have three hearts and four clubs (finessing the jack.)


If East/West are declaring spades, North/South take three top spades then four top diamonds.
If North/South are declaring spades, the defense starts with three hearts, and three clubs, East pitching two diamonds. East gets at least one more trick in trumps.


If North/South declare hearts, East/West run three top heart, then the K and a club back, finessing the jack, and two more clubs. On the last club, if North ruffs, West's low trump is the outstanding trump. If North fails to ruff, that's the defense's seventh trick.
If East/West declare hearts, North/South cash two diamonds then three spades. Finally, a fourth spade is ruffed high in South, promoting a second trump trick for North/South.


If North/South declare diamonds, the defense starts with three hearts and then four clubs. On the fourth club, if North ruffs low, East overruffs, while if North ruffs high, it promotes a trump trick for the defense.
If East/West declare diamonds, North/South draws trumps immediately, taking three spades and five diamonds total.


If North/South declare clubs, the defense simply draws trumps and takes its three heart winners.
If East/West declare clubs, North takes his three top spades, South pitching two hearts, and then the defense plays off top diamonds until West ruffs.
10 9 8 5
9 3 2
A K Q 2
A Q 10 8
J 8
6 4
9 8
K 6
K J 6
J 7 5 4
North/South have taken only five tricks. East/West appear to have lots of tricks - four clubs, three hearts, two spades. Yet the third diamond crushes them.
If West doesn't ruff, another diamond lead promotes a seventh trick for the defense.
So West ruffs with the 10, promoting one long trump in the South hand. Now West's timing is all crossed up. If he draws three rounds of trumps and then attacks hearts, South ruffs and cashes more diamonds. If West instead attacks hearts immediately, South ruffs the second and continues diamonds, promoting a second trump trick.
Whenever South gets in, he will be able to play another high diamond. If West has any more trumps, the lead promotes another trump trick for South, and if West has no more trumps, the diamonds are good.
This deal, in clubs at least, is not really a six-plus-promotion example, but rather a five-plus-promotion example.
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