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Untitle IV

A 6 2
K Q 9 8 2
7 6 5
J 2
K Q J 10 8
10 6 5 4
A 10 5
5 4
A 7 3
K J 10 9 4
8 6 3
9 7 3
A 8 3 2
K Q 9 7 4


If East/West declare notrump, the defense starts with a heart. If East ducks the heart, North/South set up four clubs, and have a heart, a spade, a diamond and four clubs. So East must win.
Attacking diamonds is useless, because East has no entry - South just wins the first diamond and sets up clubs.
So East must attack spades. North wins the first spade, takes a high heart, then attacks clubs. West can win and take four spades, but those are his last tricks. North/South get a spade, a heart, a diamond and four clubs.
If North/South declare notrump, the defense is much the same, with the suits reversed - East/West attack diamonds, and South must win, or East/West shift to spades, setting up four spade tricks, plus a trick in each suit.
If South attacks clubs, West wins the second, then shifts to the K. If North ducks, West leads a heart to East's ace and East takes four diamonds for a total of seven tricks. So North must win the spade, but now is stuck with no entry to the good clubs, and the heart suit un-established.
So, after winning the first trick, South could lead only one club, then shift to hearts. East wins, cashes one diamond (West pitching a club) and exits a spade:
A 6 2
K Q 9 8
K Q J 10 8
10 6 5
5 4
7 3
J 10 9
8 6
9 7 3
8 3
K Q 9 7
If North ducks or wins, it doesn't matter, he has only two heart tricks along with his earlier diamond ace and club.


If North/South declare spades, East/West start with spades until North wins. The best North can do is win the second spade.




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